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From Chains to Change Virtual Choir

We are so glad you have decided to be a part of this exciting virtual choir project! The following are all the steps you need to participate along with some additional information.


August 20th, 1619, the first Dutch ship carrying African slaves arrived in America. 

August 20th, 2020, Rosh Chodesh Elul, marks the beginning of a deeply reflective period as we approach the Jewish High Holy Days. 

On this day, the Cantors Assembly will release a moving, high-quality music video featuring 200 voices of Black and Jewish spiritual leaders singing Richard Smallwood’s “Total Praise.”  READ MORE....

How to participate? 3 steps... Ready? Ok!


Pick your "Choir Part How To Sing Along" from the list below:

Use the below videos to record your submission! (And scroll down further for the submission form link)

The ALTO How To Sing Along

The SOPRANO How To Sing Along

Version #1

The TENOR How To Sing Along

The SOPRANO How To Sing Along

Version #2

The BASS How To Sing Along


Don't forget to label your video file "Choir part_Full Name_City" before uploading

Also, IMPORTANT: Make sure the video uploads and you get the confirmation from the upload link!

Once you have recorded your submission, go to the below google form and fill it out and submit the video!

Submit the submission video!


And that's it. Your done!

Want some written instructions? Ok! Read on!


What you need:

  • A computer (with a webcam)

  • Webcam recording software on your computer.

  • And a pair of headphones.

  • A solid internet connection.

  • A room with no background noise and good acoustics for recording.

(You can also use a stand alone video camera or cell phone, but watch the instructional videos below for more details on this)

Some tips for setting yourself up:

  • Make sure you set up your camera so that your face and upper torso are in the shot. And please, don’t tilt the camera up your nose! Aim for the webcam to be eye level. (maybe use some books to prop up the computer!)

  • Make sure no lights or windows are behind you (or the camera might adjust to put you in silhouette)

  • Be sure to close all windows, turn off fans and anything else that can make background noise.

How does all this work?

Glad you asked! Ok, here are the steps broken into 3 parts, 10 steps… ready? Great!


Part 1: The Video.

1. First, find your choir part from the videos above (Alto, Soprano, Tenor, Bass)

2. Watch the video! (You will see a lot of the same info as here in the video as well)

Recommendation: Practice a few times with the “sing along track” part of the video. This way you get good at it!


Part 2: Recording

3. Set up your camera and microphone and get ready to sing!

4. Navigate to roughly 5 minutes on the sing along video.

5. Unplug your headphones and press play on the video.

6. Follow the video instructions for recording!

Oh, and if you use a phone or standalone camera, you MUST look to the camera when singing.

One final note, when you press record on the video, do not press pause on the demo video! And DO NOT EDIT tracks together. If you don’t like how it comes out, simply re-record.



Part 3: Submission form and sending us the video

7. Once the recording is complete, look it over. Does it look good? Great! Next step.

8. Label the video in this format: Choir Part_Full Name_City (and yes, use the underscores!)

9. Go to this google form (or find the link below): and fill it out with your info.

10. Once it’s filled out and you press submit, on the confirmation page there is a link to upload your submission.


What do we do with your video?

Good question.

Once we receive it, our team will review the video for issues.

Next our team syncs up your submission to everyone else’s.

We can’t tell you the rest because it’s top secret movie magic. But essentially, we make an awesome virtual choir video for you to enjoy. Stay tuned for the finished video!

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